Shot List Features

Elevate your visual storytelling with our comprehensive shot list features.

Story Board

Visualize your story with our dynamic storyboard feature.

Script to Shot list

Seamlessly transform your script into a shot list with ease.

Mobile Imaging

Capture shots effortlessly with our mobile app's scanning feature.

Tailored Specifications

Tailor shot details to your unique vision.



Film Production Management Software

Scene to Image

Automatically generate visuals from key phrases in your shot list

Shotlist Collaborations

Effortlessly share and collaborate on shotlists with clients and stakeholders.

Adaptable Views

Effortlessly organize shots with drag and drop functionality, empowering intuitive visual storytelling.

Seamless Export

Effortlessly export your screenplays with a few clicks.

Streamline Shot Planning

Efficiently organize and visualize your shots for seamless production.


Story Board

Streamline Film Visualisation and Collaboration

Unleash your storytelling potential with Studiovity's innovative storyboard module. Seamlessly visualize your film, collaborate effortlessly, and gain a competitive edge in the industry with streamlined pre-production, enhanced communication, and precise visualization.

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Know What Our Clients Say About Studiovity Screenwriting Editor

Studiovity's Storyboard feature is a creative lifesaver! It makes visualizing scenes and shot sequences effortless. This tool significantly enhances our pre-production process.

Emily Film Director

As a cinematographer, Studiovity's Storyboard feature is a dream come true. It simplifies shot planning, collaboration, and ensures everyone is on the same page for every scene. A fantastic addition!

Michael Collins Cinematographer

Script to Shot list

Visualize Your Storytelling Brilliance

Experience script-to-shotlist magic: instantly view script scenes as you create shots, streamlining the process and allowing you to focus on crafting the perfect shot list. Enhance efficiency, visualization, and creative precision with this innovative feature.

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National Geographic. NBCUniversal France 1.  NETFLIX. DISNEY+. RAI. HOTSTAR. JIO STUDIO ARD. RTL. ZDF. Sky. ORF.

Mobile Imaging

Effortlessly visualize script scenes while creating shot lists.

Experience script-to-shotlist magic: instantly view script scenes as you create shots, streamlining the process and allowing you to focus on crafting the perfect shot list. Enhance efficiency, visualization, and creative precision with this innovative feature.

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Know What Our Clients Say About Studiovity Screenwriting Editor

Studiovity's Mobile Imaging feature is a cinematographer's dream come true. It allows me to capture shots on the go, ensuring I never miss a moment of inspiration. This tool has revolutionized my workflow!

Sophie Chen Cinematographer

The Mobile Imaging feature in Studiovity has transformed the way I work. It empowers me to capture shots anytime, anywhere, making the creative process incredibly flexible. It's a director's best friend.

Carlos Rodriguez Film Director

Tailored Specifications

Effortlessly visualize script scenes while creating shot lists.

With the Tailored Specifications feature, you have the power to tailor the visibility of columns according to your specific requirements. Customize and organize your shot specs effortlessly, ensuring a streamlined and personalized shot list creation experience that aligns perfectly with your unique needs.

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Import your script

Google Calendar

Export your calendar


Export your calendar


Export your calendar

Final Draft

Import your script

Movie Magic

Import your schedule


Import your schedule

Showbiz Budgeting

Export your shooting schedule


Import your script


Import your script


Post updates to slack


Integrate other tools

Scene to Image

Coming Soon

The Scene to Image feature revolutionizes visual storytelling by transforming written descriptions into captivating images. Enhance your creative process by seamlessly translating words into visuals, allowing for enhanced communication and an immersive storytelling experience.

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Know What Our Clients Say About Studiovity Screenwriting Editor

Studiovity's Scene to Image is a game-changer for screenwriters. It effortlessly translates words into vivid images, making it easier to convey ideas visually. It has transformed how I bring my scripts to life.

Sarah Screen Writer

As a director, visualizing scenes is crucial, and Studiovity's Scene to Image does just that. It simplifies the communication of complex scenes, enhancing collaboration and bringing a new level of creativity to our projects.

Alex Chen Director

Shotlist Collaborations

Effortlessly collaborate with clients, stakeholders, and your team for shotlist creation.

Streamline shotlist creation through seamless collaboration with clients, stakeholders, and your team, ensuring efficient communication and collective input for exceptional visual storytelling.

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The best solution for
Director of Photography. Production manager Line Producer.  Director. Writer. Casting director. Location Manager. Production coordinator.
Director of Photography. Writer. Location Manager.  Line Producer. Casting director . Director. Production Manager. Production Coordinator.

Adaptable Views

Enhanced Visualization: Multiple View Options

The shot list feature offers Adaptable Views, including storyboard-style and list view, with the added convenience of drag and drop functionality. Effortlessly arrange, customize, and bring your creative vision to life on the screen with ease.

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Know What Our Clients Say About Studiovity Screenwriting Editor

Studiovity's Adaptable Views are a director's dream. Whether I want a storyboard-style view or a simple list, Studiovity provides both. The drag-and-drop functionality makes arranging shots a breeze, letting me bring my creative vision to life effortlessly.

Sara Collins Film Director

As a cinematographer, Studiovity's Multiple View Options are a lifesaver. I can seamlessly switch between views, customize them, and arrange shots with ease. It simplifies the shotlist creation process, ensuring our creative vision shines through.

Alex Turner Cinematographer

Seamless Export

Efficiently communicate and provide feedback with Studiovity's intuitive comments feature.

With seamless export and share functionality, effortlessly share your Shot list with collaborators, ensuring smooth communication and efficient workflow, while easily exporting the final result in various formats.

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Know What Our Clients Say About Studiovity Screenwriting Editor

Studiovity's Seamless Export feature has made collaboration a breeze. I can effortlessly share shot lists with our team and collaborators, ensuring everyone is on the same page. The ability to export in different formats is a huge time-saver.

Michael Rodriguez Film Producer

As an assistant director, communication is key. Studiovity's Seamless Export feature has streamlined our workflow. Sharing shot lists with the team is quick and easy, and the ability to export in various formats has been incredibly convenient.

Emily Patel Assistant Director

Unleash Studiovity's Hidden Gems for Seamless Film Production!

Embark on a journey of unrivaled efficiency as Studiovity revolutionizes your film production workflow with its extraordinary features.



Write film script


Create film documents



Manage Project Tasks


Configure Project Options


Communication tool

Personal Notes

Organise your ideas

Breakdown & Visualise

Script Breakdown

Tag script elements

Shooting script

Refine shooting details


Details shot breakdowns

Story board

Visualise scenes


Production reports


Production Calendar

Schedule production timeline


Stripboard schedules

Call Sheet

Distribute shooting schedule


Cast & Crew

Manage talent details


Handle filming locations


Add costume details


Organise makeup req.


Never assume. Always make sure that the contents of your project are in safe hands.


Automate the process of sending scripts, videos, and files to the cast and crew, all while adding a custom watermark.

Advanced Permissions

Control access based on position to determine who can access what. Ensure that sensitive data about the cast and crew is kept confidential.

Confidential Data Protection

Our stringent security measures guarantee the utmost confidentiality of your creative content by strictly prohibiting data sharing with third parties, safeguarding project information such as screenplays and pre-production reports.

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